Safety Tips / Users' Guide

We put in the effort to vet our agents and property owners before listing their properties on our platform. However, we’ve got a few tips to guide you as you navigate our website:

    1. Steer clear of properties currently facing a lawsuit: we recommend you go for properties that are free of any form of lawsuit so as not to get the property forfeited later due to legal infractions.

    2. All Forms of Fees Should be Clearly Stated: whatever you choose to pay as additional fees, do make sure it’s clearly stated. Unless stated earlier by the agent or property owner, any additional fee should be disregarded.

    3. Confirm the Images on the Website: to ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for, do well to visit the location and investigate the property before making any form of payments. We cannot guarantee the authenticity of the images posted on our site, hence, we urge you to make your confirmations.

    4. Documentation is Important: First, if possible, we advise you to get confirmation of the certain documents on the property. Certificate of Occupancy, Deed of Agreement, and Tax Clearance Certificate are some of the best documents to look out for. Finally, getting a receipt upon payment should be a no-brainer.

    5. Do not pay for the Inspection fee online: If you like a property and you wish you get it, don’t pay the real estate agent or agencies until you see him or her. If you put your trust at risk and you pay upfront without meeting the actual agent, we can’t guarantee getting your money back if you’re scammed. If the agent insists you pay first, use us as escrow and we’ll be between you guys.

    6. Security: Confirm the location and address of the apartment or property before you agree to meet any real estate agent. If you don’t know the place, ask people about the location and inform your family members or friends before you embark on the trip.

    7. Report ASAP: If you think you’ve been scammed, kindly report to us ( and as well, to the nearest police station.

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